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Practical ESG Reporting for Responsible Organizations

Strategies Based on Real-world Business Processes & Experience

LCA Resource is an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) consulting firm specializing in carbon foot printing, climate change risk assessment, and life cycle assessments.

Do you need to align with industry ESG reporting requirements?
Meet stakeholder demands for ESG data?
Or are you aiming big for a Net-Zero target?


We will meet you where you’re at and identify the solutions to help you reach your sustainability goals! 


This often involves leveraging your existing data management systems and updating them to meet continually evolving reporting requirements. We also enlist the support of our trusted partners to provide you with a comprehensive plan to support your ESG strategy.

And it always involves us asking all the right questions to ensure you end up with the reports and processes you truly need. (Hint: It’s not always what you think!)

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Our Mission

LCA Resource is on a mission to deliver the information required to support our clients' ESG initiatives no matter where
they are on their ESG journey.


We determine what you can realistically achieve, put processes around your project, and follow industry standards to maximize reporting efficiencies.


We work across departments to connect the dots in your operations and supply chain to assure the final outcome provides decision ready data.


We take a quantitative approach. No fluffy “reports” here—just the data you need to satisfy your stakeholders, meet the rigorous requirements of standards, and further your ESG strategy.

Industries we work with

Consumer Products

Textiles, Building Products

Metals and Mining

Agricultural Products

Poultry & Dairy

Fuel Cells

Pulp & Paper


Containers & Packaging


Rebecca LeBlanc, Founder

LCA Resource founder Rebecca LeBlanc began her career as a welder and pieceworker in a manufacturing company. She worked her way up from there while attending college, quickly learning that data–whether locating, modeling, analyzing, or presenting it–is her niche.


After over 30 years of experience spanning manufacturing, software development, and project management, Rebecca found a new interest and passion as a sustainability consultant. Her background equipped her to provide organizations with the data they need to produce credible sustainability reporting.

Rebecca LeBlanc, LCA Resource

Thanks to her process manufacturing background, Rebecca noticed four key issues: 

  • Companies had no rigorous processes in place to keep up with evolving ESG reporting requirements.

  • New standards were being released and addressed in a silo, with no integration between departments and business units.

  • The data organizations released was not meaningful or robust enough to meet disclosure requirements.

  • These organizations often didn’t know what they actually needed!


Rebecca had found the gap no one else was addressing and launched LCA Resource to fill it. She refined her process and services by focusing on carbon footprinting, climate change risk analysis, and LCA. Rebecca asks all the right questions, talks to all the right people, advises clients on what they do and do not need, then provides the data to support their sustainability strategy.


And she ALWAYS gets the full story!

Education & Certifications

Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Certified in Sustainability and Climate Change Risk Assessment.


  • University of Vermont | Sustainable Operations, Principles and Strategies for Sustainability

  • Harvard University | Industrial Ecology

  • LCA Training through ISSP, ifu (Umberto NXT), and OpenLCA

  • Material Flows Analysis through Triangle Life Cycle Assessment


Wentworth Institute of Technology | Bachelor of Technology

Endicott College | Associates in Business Management


Need a sustainability consultant to support your ESG reporting strategy?

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